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Disc Jockey
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Solo Piano Work

In late 1995, I recorded two solo piano pieces on my friend’s brand new Kurzweil SP88 stage piano. The result were two arrangements I had made of songs I had been getting requests for around town. Here are the rough recordings that I made back then. Granted, I’ve altered the arrangements slightly since, but they still were some of the first recorded arrangements I’ve done, and two of the ones that I still mess with from time to time. Enjoy!


Jacobsen Trailer Website Redesign

One website that I’ve had the priviledge of working on from start to finish under the employment of AR Technologies was the website redesign for Jacobsen Trailers. The site utilizes various jquery scripts and makes some fun use of the widescreen capabilities of newer browsers and monitors without sacrificing any content for older ones. In the process of redesigning this site, I was also asked to redesign their logo to recover an old vintage one from their archives. You can see the result on their page.

You can check out the full site at


Melissa Booey’s Headshots

Melissa Booey, an aspiring actress from Fresno, CA, asked late last year if I do a photoshoot for a set of headshots she needed in order to audition in Southern California. You may have seen Melissa around town in various productions from Fresno City College to Shakespeare in the Park. Melissa was a pleasure to work with, very photogenic, and the day was gorgeous. We spent the day scouting out locations all over the downtown area, and came up with some great shots. Here’s just a sampling. Oh – and keep an eye out for Melissa! One day you may be saying, “I remember back when Darryl did her headshots…”

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